You don’t realize how alone you are until you’re staying up every night thinking about things you should never think of and you cant tell anybody because you have nobody to tell.
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John Lennon on set of ‘A Hard Day’s Night’.

Supermoon 2014 by Marko Obradovic

"The first time I saw you, I knew we’d be linked forever."
Robin and Zelda Williams from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS Ad

R.I.P. Robin Williams; you will be sorely missed. :(

Sometimes, in order to move on, you got to find a new addiction to get over another.
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Im not addicted to alcohol or drugs, im addicted to escaping reality.
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I’m a quiet person. I spend time observing, not speaking.
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yo gurl are you a firework
because you’re really fucking loud and annoying

Fall in love with the sound of her voice, because that’s the first thing you’ll lose when she’s gone.
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The Beatles - Yesterday
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The Beatles | Help! (1965)

John Lennon - Jealous Guy
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Jealous Guy

John Lennon

Imagine (1971)

The Beatles - Because
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The sound of heaven

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